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Law No. 27 of 2022

A deep dive into Indonesia's privacy data revolution under Law No. 27 of 2022 on Personal Data Protection. Indonesia's privacy data landscape has changed significantly with the enactment Personal Data Protection (PDP Law).

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Law Number 27 of 2022

Indonesia's Personal Data Protection (PDP) law

PDP Law Violations Examples

  • Article 5-15

    Fulfillment of data subject rights by data controllers including but not limited to consent and transparency of data processing

  • Article 46

    Failure to report personal data breaches to the relevant authority

  • Article 65

    Intentional and unlawful acquisition or collection of someone else personal data without consent

Consequences and Sanctions

  • Administrative Fines

    Article 57(3) of the Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP): administrative fines of up to 2% (two percent) of annual revenue.

  • Administrative Sanctions

    The administration sanctions fines, warnings, and temporary or permanent suspension of data processing activities for non-compliance.

  • Criminal sanctions (imprisonment and/or fines)

    May include imprisonment and fines for serious violations such as unauthorized disclosure or misuse of personal data or failure to comply with enforcement orders issued by the authority.

Why is Personal Data Protection Important?

In the efforts to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential sanctions, organizations must understand the legal requirements and implement necessary protections for its business.

Protection 1
Building Trust

Respecting privacy builds trust and loyalty among customers, employees, and shareholders.

Protection 2
Enhance Cybersecurity and Confidentiality

Compliance with data protection laws reduces cyber risks and data leaks.

Protection 3
Safe Innovation and Monetization

Organizations can innovate and monetize customer data responsibly and securely under data protection regulations.

Why Akar Inti Data

We are The Right Partner for Your PDP Compliance


Technology-driven Solutions

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Expert Privacy Consultants

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Transform Your Personal Data Protection Operations Efficiently

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Data Understanding

Leveraging AI to automatically classify and label sensitive data across your on-premises for a clearer view of your data.

Protection 2
Data Subject Rights Handling

Implementing a system to quickly fulfill DSR requests, ensuring compliance and improving customer satisfaction.

Protection 3
Consent Management

Establishing a centralized repository for cookie and consent management to maintain consistency and compliance with consent requirements.

Protection 1

Providing a collaborative platform for data owners to conduct assessments, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance.

Protection 2
Automated Reporting

Implementing an automated reporting system for PIA/ROPA reports based on real-time data and regulations, saving time and resources.

Protection 3
Privacy Notices

Developing a system to automatically update privacy notices with current information for accuracy and compliance.

Our Pillars

Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP) Compliance Main Pillars

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Understanding the data you have and how it is used.

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Implementing appropriate security measures to protect data from leaks, misuse, and unauthorized access.

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Ensuring your compliance program remains relevant and effective.

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Knowing how to handle data breaches and other incidents.

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Knowing how to handle data breaches and other incidents.

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