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About Nusa Data

What You Can Do In Data Marketplace

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One place to data sourcing

Find datasets more quickly by using the marketplace data catalog and common metadata models to accelerate the data discovery and vetting process.

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Easy subscription and licensing

Maintain bilateral contracts and agreements while streamlining vendor management in one place.

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Reduced engineering task

You can access multiple data vendors and simplify the data analyst task by using a single data integration.

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Full control over who can purchase your products

Request and approval mechanism to ensure you have full control of the transactions and monitor the usage and billing.

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Nusa Data Marketplace

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About Data Marketplace

What You Can Do in Data Marketplace

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Publishing Data Product

Providers can publish their data catalogue in the data marketplace or offer private channels to specific data consumers.

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Trusted Transaction

Requires approval process for data transactions to ensure only permitted and agreed data are allowed to be exchanged in the platform.

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Regulatory Compliance

ISO 27001:2013 certified, registered and regulated by KOMINFO and complies to General Data Protection (GDPR), along with Personal Data Protection Law in Indonesia.

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Single Access

Need approval process for data transactions to ensure only permitted and agreed data are allowed for exchange in the platform.

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Highly Secure Platform

Using advanced technology with Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Secret Computing for data collaboration in highly regulated industry.

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Transparent Transactions

Transparent pricing and commercial model between data provider and data consumer through data access agreement between two parties.

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Our Tenancy Ecosystem

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Data Provider

  • Use the existing data infrastructure without the need to invest in new infrastructure.
  • Single integration to deliver data to multi-industry data consumers.
  • Supports the most used data format for batch or real time data transfer.
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Data Consumer

  • Browse and consume data with transparent pricing and services subscription.
  • Single billing management for ease of payment.
  • Use as per business requirement by subscription or pay per use for data consumption.
How to Start

4 Easy Steps to Start Implementing AISight


Identify business needs and pain points

Talk to our representative to schedule an assessment and requirement analysis.



Finalise administration and all required contracts and agreements, and product selection.


Clarify business and technical requirement

Conduct workshops for business, technical design, deployment plan, and schedule.


AISight Deployment

Implement and perform the solution with periodic reviews prior to the system going live.

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